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My name is Carlos and I started working for Envision Sunrooms and Windows out of Hayes, VA February 1st as a design consultant aka salesman. I was “fired” around mid-July because of me questioning about my paychecks and confronting them with the issues I noticed while working there.

The reason why I really know what is going on is because my sister in law worked for them in Kentucky as well as another friend of mine. Another fellow employee who also quit worked with me here in Virginia and we talked all the time. I just put everything together to find out what really is going on. With that, here is what is really going on with the company.

Sunrooms and More is out of Lexington, KY, the TRUE Envision Sunrooms and Windows. They change their names so when one goes bad they are not associated with each other. They do not have a crew in each state. They just ship their crews to the states of work making the jobs take forever which we, the salesman, tell our customers that we do not subcontract and that jobs take only 6 to 8 weeks.

They claim that they are in 5 states however they are really in one. The office in VA is not even a real office and they don’t even use the same name. We sell stuff and send all the paperwork to Kentucky. They have a system in sales which is a level of importance in customer.

They send the “crappy” leads to fellow salesman and the big ones to the managers. We as salesman only have a limit that we can deduct from the price which may I add, they have a 35% increase in price from what really costs. The customer most of the time will say no to the product and that will call back. The managers then go back and give them an awesome price that the customer can’t refuse therefore making the manager earn commission and the initial salesman gets nothing.

For the customers that did sign up with me, I literally had every customer calling me with complaints. Complaints such as, they took my money without my authorization, it has been 2 months and I haven’t heard anything, I need to talk to your supervisor etc. Once I relay these messages to my managers, they said they would call them but never did. They love to ignore their customers and not take care of anything.

They also say they are registered with the BBB, but have had so many unresolved complaints that they lost their accreditation with them. They don’t keep their employees too long because the smart ones realize it’s a scam and when they confront them, the company fires them (what happened with me). They make it extremely difficult for their employees to receive their paychecks which is usually half a month late. They claim to be a reputable company however they hand write their paychecks and never send them to the employee’s home.

They also get several months late in paying commission hoping that by then the employee is fired and they get to keep the money. When an employee mentions to take them to court, they say you are a 1099 employee so they don’t have to treat you the same, but according to the IRS site, they are misclassified and should be W2 since employees do not make their own schedule and this gets them out of insurance and overtime pay due to working 12 to 15 hours a day 5 and 6 days a week. They also tell the customers that they are financially sound and debt free however different product suppliers has the company in collections and they sometimes have to get another company. Once I was “fired”, I continuously called them for my money and was ignored every single day and lied to.

I have all phone logs and texts of how rude they were and how they ignored me all the time. There is a review on almost every website from a woman named Elisha, ignore that. That is one of the manager’s wife, NOT a customer. Envision Sunrooms and Windows is a scam.

A horrible company that loves to lie to people and take their money and not take care of their employees. The owners are Jerod and Andrew Riddle. They are selfish and extremely rude and have no concept of how to run a company ethically. It is now august 12th and I still haven’t seen my paycheck since July 1st and my 40% of commission I am entitled to.

They have ignored my sister in law as well as my friend and they are also taking them to court. I will be suing them and some of my previous customers are going in on this with me.

Do NOT do business with this company. They are out to steal your money and make you have endless stresses.

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I am starting to think they are paying off people in each state they screw over.

New Jersey, WV, KY.... I have a feeling the list goes on!

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